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How to lay tatami

To date, there are several basic laying schemes for Tatami puzzle decathlon, the difference in which is determined by the personal preferences and number of the tatami. It is noteworthy that the word tatami translates from Japanese as “folding”, “what is folded.”

Long time ago, the Japanese believed that incorrect layout of Tatami brings unhappiness to the house. There was a number of rules governing their laying. Part of these rules had an applied character: properly laid tatami did not separate if they were walked, jumped or run by. These rules have formed the basis of the main modern layout schemes: the laying should be made in such a way that the angles of three or four tatami do not converge.

Combinations of tatami in the following colors are good-looking: white and green, blue and yellow, red and blue, black and yellow. The rules of judo do not regulate the colors of tatami.

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