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Reliable Roof Drainage System for Your Home or Commercial Building

Steel guttering is a good choice both for a house of any size and for a commercial building.

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There is an opinion that metal gutters are poorly suited for buildings, have critical disadvantages and therefore their installation is unprofitable. All this is true, if we mean those metal drainage systems that were in use several decades ago – bulky, rusting, noisy, difficult to install and completely not decorating the facade and roof.

Modern technologies have made it possible to improve steel gutters, eliminate their disadvantages and add advantages. They have no equal in terms of durability and reliability. Of course, it is necessary to take into account the manufacturer of such systems. For example, steel guttering products manufactured by Roofart. The colour-coated steel and galvanised steel gutters and downpipes are made from SSAB steel and are available in two sizes: 125/87mm for most small and medium sized homes, and 150/100mm for commercial buildings and large homes.

Metal gutter: what does it consists of?

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It’s pretty simple: the drainage system consists of horizontal gutters, receiving funnels and vertical pipes. The gutter receives water from the roof and directs it into the funnel, then the water descends through a vertical pipe into the drainage system or some kind of container. Additional components that allow you to create the desired configuration for a particular house – connectors, corner elements and end caps of gutters, drainage elbows, fasteners.

To make the drainage system look aesthetically pleasing, the company’s developers have tried to give it the most pleasing to the eye shapes – smooth and rounded, without sharp corners.

For more detailed information and the correct calculation of the required amount of material for your building, please visit the website selling steel guttering products manufactured by Roofart.

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