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What kind of shed to build?

Often, a shed becomes the first structure to be built on a newly purchased plot, but a utility block can be erected during the construction of a house or after its completion. In any case, it will be necessary to choose the material for the shed, and here a huge assortment awaits the summer resident: from the usual light concrete blocks and boards to ready-made containers like apex sheds Warrington.

Looking for a place

It is better to choose a place for shed in advance at the planning stage of the suburban area. On the diagram, it is necessary to designate the zones of the location of the house, bathhouse, greenhouse, playground, barbecue area, garage and other buildings in order to find the optimal place for the shed and understand how best to arrange all the structures relative to each other.

Materials for the shed

Materials for the shed
Image by Carola68 from Pixabay

Modern summer residents erect sheds from anything: both quite traditional materials and improvised ones are used. Conditionally, according to the material and construction technology, sheds can be divided into:

  • frame;
  • container, like sheds Warrington;
  • sheds made of brick and light concrete blocks.

Determine the size of the shed

The size of the shed is chosen by the necessities of its use. According to advice of many summer residents we can talk about the minimal parameters for various purposes of use.

  • for garden equipment, a 1.5 * 1.5 m building is suitable;
  • for not only garden equipment, but also additional tools, such as fertilizers, paints and other things, it is useful to measure sizes from 1.5 * 2 m;
  • if it is intended to store equipment, such as a lawn mower or pump, it is better to expand the building to a size of 2 * 3 m.

But still the size of the shed is individual, you can make it both smaller and larger depending on your preferences.

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