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Electric Vehicle Charger in the UK

The electric car’s home charging station is needed for stable, safe charging. The plug-in option is becoming a thing of the past due to the high risks due to the lack of protection mechanisms for an electric vehicle, power surges and slow speed. And an affordable price allows the owner of an electric car to equip an electric charger right at home, in the parking lot, at the cottage, in the garage.

Why is home electric charging the best option?

The disadvantages of charging from an outlet significantly outweigh the advantages, even taking into account the cost of equipment:

  • the risk of overvoltage of the house network with the disconnection of other devices;
  • absence of any protective mechanisms in the outlet (current leakage, overload, overvoltage, etc.);
  • long charging time.

The home station ensures safe charging of your electric vehicle by operating in protected mode. The station and the electric vehicle first check all connections, “agree” on acceptable modes, and only then charging begins.

car charging port
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You can choose both the simplest and most affordable models of stations, as well as more expensive models with dynamic power balancing in the catalogue of ev chargers UK. A home charging station for an electric vehicle provides a number of significant advantages:

  • Convenience and accessibility: You can charge your electric car at any time convenient for you, regardless of the availability of free charging stations in the city.
  • Time saving: There is no need to waste time searching and waiting for an available charging station. Your car is always be ready for the trip.
  • Saving money: The home electricity tariff is usually lower than the prices at charging stations, which allows you to save on car charging.
  • Reliability: Your home charging station will always be available and ready for use, unlike public charging stations, which may sometimes be unavailable for various reasons.
  • Charging Speed: Some home charging stations support higher charging power than public stations, which allows you to recharge the battery faster.
  • Charging Settings: You can set the charging parameters according to your needs and the recommendations of the car manufacturer.
home car charging station
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Charging stations for electric vehicles are now mandatory for all new homes and businesses in the UK starting in 2022.

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