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What Tools Do I Need to Start a Gardening Business?

Gardening is a profitable occupation in the UK, although for the first 3-7 years you will have to invest a good amount before getting the first serious harvests. Fruits and berries are in high demand at any time of the year, so there will be sales and profit.

Evaluate your idea

To begin with, answer the following series of questions:

  1. Is the land being leased or bought? – serious gardening requires at least a few hectares of land. The land can be rented for several years.
  2. Does the climate allow you to grow all crops? –a suitable climate is required for certain fruits.
  3. Is the equipment being bought or rented? – rent equipment for planting, and buy it for gardening.
  4. Who will manage the business? – if there is a garden of several dozen hectares, there are workers, own equipment, then you can hire a manager.
  5. What about the competition, where to sell products? – as a rule, competition does not greatly affect the case. There are no problems with sales.

The answers to the above questions will help you make your business plan to set up your business. It is the first business tool to start your activity.

Equipment and tools for garden

Equipment and tools for garden
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Garden tools and equipment are needed for planting and caring for the garden. You should buy tools. It is advisable to rent large equipment. You need it to:

  • Prepare the plot for planting: plowing, cultivation, fertilization;
  • Plan, which include loosening, preparation of planting pits, application of additional fertilizers;
  • Take care of garden: loosening, fertilizing, pruning, harvesting and transportation of the crop.

Planting seedlings

Planting seedlings
Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

Choose the flat plot. Next, plow the entire field. After that, remove weeds from the site. You can create a compost heap. When the field is prepared, the process of studying the composition of the soil begins. The agronomist will determine which fertilizers the soil lacks and in what amount to apply them.

Make a planting scheme, and then start implementing it in your field. Plant berry bushes between the trees. Pick plants that are well adjacent to fruit trees.

Basic garden maintenance and tools

  1. Watering: you will need different-sized hoses, nozzles for them. You can order or assemble an entire irrigation system on your own. Find instructions on the Internet.
  2. Pruning: you will need pruners, garden shears, and trimmers. If your plot is planted with grass, you can’t do without a lawn mower.
  3. Top dressing: you will need different containers for mixing fertilizers, scales for the exact dosage of all kinds of mixtures.
  4. Loosening and mulching: you will need shovels, hoes, rakes and other tools for loosening.
  5. Preventive procedures: you will need sprayers.

Harvesting is done manually. Packing and loading is carried out immediately. Some varieties of fruit are stored from 1 week to several months. You will need a variety of boxes and racks for storage. Store your crop in special vegetable storages.

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