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How to make a deck for chopping

If you like meat, then you must constantly cook it, and for this you need to make a deck for chopping. First, choose meat in a wright way when having meat import.

Select meat by feel

person slicing the meat
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Ideally, it is better to do this with gloves. This way you show respect for the seller and other buyers and avoid unnecessary contact with someone else’s biology. However, a plastic bag will also do. The meat should be elastic, not watery, and after pressing with a finger, it should quickly return to the same shape as meat in coldstore in hungary does. Of course, no stains or slime. If, when pressed, moisture was released, then most likely an unscrupulous manufacturer pumped the meat with liquid – the meat easily absorbs it, up to 10% of its mass.

Before buying meat make a deck for chopping

rounded chopping board
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The number of wedges depends on the species and structure of the tree. For example, a poplar deck with a diameter of 0.8 m can take 200-250 pieces.

They are clogged from the middle with a spiral to the very edge. For such work, a heavy sledgehammer with a long handle is used. The density of the wedges is calculated according to the circumstances – if they enter, you need to score; begin to break – you need to retreat 3-5 cm from the place where the wedge does not enter and hammer further. You need to stop working when the wedges do not even go into the edge of the deck.

At the end of this procedure, you need to level the work surface with an electric planer. After leveling the surface, the deck is ready to go. Here it is worth considering that the blades of the planer will cut across the fibers and the tool will need a powerful one, at least 2000 watts.

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