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How to Sharpen Garden Tools?

Well-sharpened garden tools greatly facilitate the work of a gardener who independently takes care of his plot in the UK. Therefore, it is important to know what and how you can efficiently sharpen garden tools at home.

What tools are needed for sharpening

We sharpen garden tools on our own
Image by Brigitte Werner from Pixabay

In order to bring the inventory into working condition, the following devices are needed at home:

  • vise;
  • sharpening stone;
  • file;
  • bar;
  • sandpaper.  

There are also special devices for sharpening inventory. For example, it is much easier to sharpen inventory with dremel. Please note that files come in different shapes depending on their purpose. The notches on them can also be different: for example, double is used for sharpening tools made of hard metals, rasp is used for rough sharpening.

We sharpen garden tools on our own

What tools are needed for sharpening
Image by Jason Gillman from Pixabay

To sharpen the shovel, you need to clamp the tool in a vise. We choose a flat file for work; its length should be greater than the width of the shovel. This is necessary so that the file simultaneously touches the tool from both sides. Sharpen the tool exclusively from the front side. The thickness of the edges with this method comes out so smooth that no electrical equipment gives such a result.

The pruner must be disassembled and sanded with a smooth surface on sandpaper soaked in machine oil.

The axe needs to form an edge with a file. On both sides, the blade is ground off, while you need to try to create an edge of angles of 30°. With a smaller angle, the probability of chipping increases. After you have worked with a file, take a sharpening stone and continue grinding, observing the same angle. Sandpaper soaked in machine oil will help to bring the blade to the ideal.

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