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Methods of Metal Staining

With the popularity of the loft, the popularity of metal objects came to us, but many were bored with the monotonous colours of metal surfaces, so today spray painting metal surfaces is popular. Painting is needed not only for a better appearance, but also as a protective layer from external factors. To prevent sudden temperature changes, corrosion or high humidity from destroying the metal surface, it is treated with paint.

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Methods of metal staining

It is customary to distinguish the following methods of painting surface finishing:

  • If you need to paint a small metal product, then you can simply take a paint brush designed for metal paint;
  • Another way to colour small parts is to dip the product in paint;
  • Spraying of the paint and varnish substance (air and airless) – is carried out by means of a spray gun when painting large areas of the metal surface;
  • There is also a simpler colouring with the most pleasant result due to its technological properties – this is powder colouring with polymerization of metal objects.

To prevent metal products from being destroyed by corrosion, reliable protection is required. One popular method is Electroplating machining.

Applying a special protective layer to metal surfaces not only guarantees resistance to rust, but also increases the durability and electrical conductivity of the workpiece.

The Electroplating surface finishing is used for different purposes depending on the purpose of the future product, operating conditions, and technical requirements.

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Choosing the right paint

The same colouring composition can interact with the metal differently. That is why it is worth studying in detail the features of metal objects that are intended for partial or complete painting.

It is not recommended to use oil-based paints for painting galvanized metal surfaces, since their molecular structure does not adhere to zinc alloys during the painting process.

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