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What a Real Plumber Should Be Like

A good plumber is not just a skilled worker who installs or repairs plumbing and sewer equipment. This is a person on whom home comfort and the normal operation of enterprises depend.

Modern dwellers, primarily in cities, are accustomed to comfort. People don’t take water from the well, but turn on the kitchen or bathroom tap. The same situation relates to drainage, heat in flats from centralized boiler houses. Everything presupposes the presence of Herts Plumbing, which constantly maintain whole network of communications in working order.

History of the profession

The origins of plumbing go back to antiquity. During the archaeological excavations, it was possible to find the first plumbing items made more than 2000 years ago. On the territory of the Sumerian city of Ur, a carved chair created for the ruler Puabi was found.

In ancient Rome, viaducts, fountains and drainage systems were the prototype of modern plumbing communications. Their installation and maintenance were carried out by slaves under the guidance of experienced craftsmen.

Over time, new technologies like Jet Washing, materials, installation methods appeared. At the same time, plumbing acquired a modern look only in the 20th century. Then there was a significant demand for renovations.

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A plumber is a professional who installs, operates or repairs plumbing fixtures. In other words, it ensures the correct operation of heating, water supply and sewerage systems both in residential buildings and in production. Often this profession is called a plumber, but this specialty involves the possession of more competencies and skills.

The job of a plumber includes the following job responsibilities:

  • ensuring the proper functioning of sanitary equipment and networks at a site trusted by a specialist, as well as diagnostics and prompt troubleshooting;
  • preparation of applications for the purchase of necessary consumables, tools, spare parts;
  • replacement of obsolete or non-functioning equipment;
  • performing additional related work.

Some plumbers specialize in a particular area, for example, unblock drain, making every effort to succeed. At the same time, many specialists perform the entire complex of works like patio cleaning.

Important qualities

Necessary qualities that a plumber should be as follows:

  • responsibility;
  • accuracy;
  • politeness;
  • attentiveness;
  • scrupulousness;
  • punctuality;
  • patience;
  • physical strength;
  • good vision;
  • sociability;
  • stress resistance.
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Skills and knowledge

To successfully complete the assigned tasks, a plumber must know the design features of plumbing, for example, for drain cleaning, water supply and sewer systems, have the skills to install various types of technical equipment, emergency plumber should be able to quickly find the cause of a malfunction and eliminate the problems found, rationally use consumables and properly handle special tools. In addition, the plumber must comply with the rules of TV and be able to draw up technical documentation.

Experience plays a big role in this profession. A qualified master is quite well versed in some related professions. Knowledge of the basics of construction and design skills allows to avoid significant mistakes when working on an individual project.

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