Teak Furniture Care

Teak wood furniture is popular due to the amazing structure of the wood, its durability and beautiful color.

Caring for teak garden furniture is made easier by the fact that teak wood contains a lot of natural wood oils; they protect it from germs, mold, and rot without additional processing. These same oils act as a moisture-repellent impregnation.

However, in order for your furniture to retain its quality and beautiful appearance for a long time, certain care rules must still be followed.

Recommendations for teak care

When we use furniture for a long time, a gray coating appears on it. It does not affect quality or durability, but unfortunately the wonderful golden hue of your teak garden bench or table will fade.

garden bench
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Here are the factors that negatively affect the appearance of teak furniture:

  • exposure to direct sunlight;
  • contact with bleaching detergents, solvents, rust removers, solutions for treating garden plants.

Some owners like this antique gray patina look, but if you want to maintain the original appearance of the furniture, follow simple tips.

Lifehacks from practitioners for caring for teak furniture:

Remove dirt with running water and a mild soap solution. Teak Cleaner helps restore the natural beauty of a table or chair and remove stains on garden furniture.

To remove rough or deep stains on furniture surfaces, you can use pre-moistened fine-grit sandpaper.

After cleaning, apply Teak Shield to the teak surface. It adds resistance to wood to moisture, mold, and prevents the penetration of fats and liquids into it. Treat furniture in this way 2-3 times a year. After the procedures, even the plaque that appears is easily removed.

teak furniture
Photo by Vidit Goswami on Unsplash

Store garden furniture in a closed, ventilated area and cover it with fabric covers.

Please note: it is important to maintain the correct concentration of products; with proper care, the furniture will retain its quality and serve you for a long time!

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