Cat Furniture: Luxury or Necessity?

There are items, without which any apartment or house will turn into a collection of damaged furniture, wallpaper and other interior items due to a cat. Find out effective ways to combat “feline looting” and tips for weaning cats from places where their presence is undesirable.

How to save the most valuable things

To ensure the integrity and safety of furniture in the house, a cat needs a good scratching post. And it’s better if it’s not only one. In the wild, cats often climb trees and sharpen their claws on the bark, satisfying the desire caused by natural instinct.

cat shelf
Photo by Jenny Kalahar on Unsplash

In the apartment, any tall object, wall or even curtains can be associated with a cat just with a tree, which it certainly needs to climb, along the way “spreading” her claws. To prevent this from happening, thrifty owners immediately stock up on a couple of ordinary scratching posts that can be put or even fixed on the wall in different places of home.

Also, it is recommended to place a special diy cat wall playground with scratching posts in the place where the cat spends the most time, where it can play a lot and even jump from shelf to shelf. Most of these units are equipped with a hut, so the cat can not only play and frolic, but also relax, sheltering in such a hut as in a hollow tree.

cat on the chair
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It is up to you how to protect an apartment or house from the claws of your cat. Still, there are ways that are based on the experience of the owners, who faced this problem even before the appearance of scratching posts. Previously, furniture for cats was a luxury, but now in the modern world, such items solve problems not only to meet the “feline” needs. Cat furniture items from Clickat can significantly transform the interior of your apartment or house.

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