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What is WPC MATERIAL? Is it popular in the UK?

WPC material, or composite material, is a material solution made from a unique combination of plastic and wood. WPC, which stands for Wood Plastic Composite, consists of 55% timber fibers, 35% HDPE, and additives.It is often considered a highly effective option to replace natural wood, and some of the main benefits of WPC decking include the following.

✔Durable and Weather-Resistant

✔Split Resistant, Splinter-Free, and Resistant to Rot

✔Maintainance Free

✔Multiple Color Options

✔Environmentally-Friendly Materials

✔Easy Installation

Britain is one of the world’s economic powers, with its GDP ranking fifth in the world and third among European and American countries. Britain’s construction industry is growing rapidly, with an annual turnover of £14 million in the domestic construction market. The industry will need to spend a lot of money over the next five to 10 years to complete existing construction contracts for health, education, transport, historic sites and residential housing.

WPC MATERIAL recently became more and more involved in the DIY channel. wpc Material is quite popular, especially in UK and developed countries. In UK, many constructors are using WPC decking to build benches, vases, and garden fences. Similarly, this decking can be used in a variety of applications, including landscaping and an alternative to stone-based elements for architecting gardens or grounds.

WPC deck is an excellent solution for demanding applications including hotel decks, parks, outdoor refreshment bars, verandas, and clubhouses. WPC decking tackles the concerns with traditional timber decking that are sustainable, bar friendly, and easy to maintain. Problems from slippery or uncertain surfaces may be especially significant for health and safety considerations in a hotel or restaurant setting. The commercial decking is primarily conceived with security and made to be both slip-resistant and safe. Furthermore, as health clubs, fitness centers, swimming pools, and spas become increasingly integral to people’s schedules, a customer expects environments to return every day. A WPC deck looks great next to a hot tub or swimming pool or is more prone to rotation in humid and high-speed conditions.

WPC materials are in the 1980s in the United States, began to industrialized production, and promote the use of. The original use of plastic-wood material is a benign plastic. With the continuous improvement of production technology, all aspects of the performance of plastic wood materials have also been more comprehensive development. The plastic wood material not only has some advantages of solid wood and plastic, but also has some characteristics of metal. Although it has such excellent performance, the price of plastic wood is low. Therefore, in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, as well as the Netherlands and Japan and other countries in various fields, plastic wood materials have been more widely used.

WPC is a lifetime deck solution that does not need treating or painting.UK  composite Material produces a long lasting decking board with a 15-20 years service lifetime,more durable and better compared with the real wood.Changxing Hanming Technology Co.,ltd  is the  one WPC Decking & Composite Decking Manufacturer and Supplier.

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