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Cheat Sheet for The Owner of a Country House

  1. The landscape project should be done. Not necessarily professional. Draw everything with respect to the scale. If it is difficult, divide the plot into functional zones: a gazebo area, a recreation area, a playground, an orchard, an aviary and other areas you need. Find out more on garden blog UK.
  2. If the plot has different heights, of course, you can make an approximate project, even conditionally designate the locations of height differences, steps and other details on it, but more serious calculations will be needed to implement the project. Find out from the house and garden UK blog which specialist can help you with this.
  3. If you have purchased an empty plot and started construction job, you should not bring mountains of building materials to it, it is better to allocate a separate part of the plot and bring materials there. Useful tips from home blog UK can help you.
    country house
    Photo by Aubrey Odom on Unsplash
  4. If there is a pond or a rockery on the site, it is better to bring the stones in advance, before laying communications, performing work on paving the territory and planting plants. Find out tips on how to do it better from home and garden UK.
  5. Put communications on the plan step by step as they appear, and on a scale or at least with very clear dimensions and designations.
  6. Gazebos, arches, pergolas, canopies, garden furniture and other garden elements should be made in the same style if you want to create a proper and harmonious space.
  7. Be sure to include coniferous trees and shrubs in the compositions, they will create a structure in your garden all year round.
    brick country house
    Photo by I Do Nothing But Love on Unsplash
  8. Take into account the agrotechnical features of your site or its individual parts when selecting and planting plants. 
  9. If there is a lawn on your site, do not complicate it with too different or sharp-angled contours.

Rules are rules, but don’t forget about the creative moment! Look for inspiration on the home and garden blog UK.

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