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Your TV will take you to another world

Television is a familiar and integral part of our life.  Even with the Internet, TV sets have not disappeared from our homes.  For many, relaxing in front of the TV is a usual evening pastime.  Modern TV can function as efficient multimedia devices.  But what if you have an old device?  Take your time to buy a new TV, because installing a digital set-top box will take your TV to the next level.  This is an additional device that helps the TV to receive and broadcast free digital TV channels and watch DVB broadcasts in good quality and sound.  Connecting the set-top box will not cause problems: choose the automatic setup and connect. A convenient menu and an intuitive interface will remove all the nuances of using a TV set-top box. After connecting, you can enjoy interesting programs and, of course, TV shows.

Perhaps the only problem that will remain is the problem of choice.  Luckily there are UK Air Dates.  This site will help you navigate the sea of ​​TV series, movies, and TV shows.  Acquaintance with new products and the most popular TV products, show dates, annotations, and trailers … Historical series, rom-com, action films … The choice is wide!  If we are talking about a TV show, then it just becomes a part of your life.  Several times a week you sit in front of the screen to be transported to another reality for an hour.  By the way, this is exactly what the new US series For All Mankind offers.

This is a sci-fi series about the space race between the USSR and the USA.  The main difference between the plot of the show and the real story is that the first person to set foot on the lunar surface was not the astronaut Neil Armstrong, but the Soviet cosmonaut Alexei Leonov, which only intensified the confrontation between the two powers.  After many “light” films and TV series about space, For All Mankind definitely stands out for its attention to detail, psychology, and character behavior. Despite all the fantastic-ness of the script, the creators of the series tried to bring real technology there, so there is no feeling of surrealism of what is happening, even if it is a parallel reality. The physics of flight, the complexity of orbital interactions, the psychological effects of space flights and prolonged isolation, the danger of the slightest disruption in space, and, in general, the entire risk of space exploration in the 60s and 70s are very well conveyed.

Well, have a nice evening in front of your TV!

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