Is It Possible to Put Flower Pots on the Floor?

Flowering and decorative leafy plants in trough flower pots help create a cozy atmosphere, refresh the space. For many, growing plants and even a vegetable garden on the windowsill is a hobby. If there are a large number of flowers at home, the question arises about their placement. Is it possible to put flowers on the floor or are only windows and bedside tables intended for them?

Taking care of the flowers

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Often, in pursuit of creating an ideal interior and external gloss, no attention is paid to the practical side of the issue. For good growth and flowering, most plants need both light and watering and drainage. When placing flowers on the floor, make sure that the sun’s rays reach your plants or place shade-loving flowers in dark areas: anthurium, sempalia, ferns, jade, dracaena, monstera, tradescantia. Also, do not forget that most flowers need drainage, which means that you should not neglect the presence of holes for draining water in trough garden planters and the use of pallets in pots. Pallets can be either individual for each pot, or one shared per group.

Save flowers from the warm floor

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Warm floor, which has won the hearts of many interior designers of apartments and especially private houses, can damage your flowers standing on the floor. If such an achievement of modernity is used in your room, then raise the flowers a few tens of centimeters so that the warm floor does not dry them out or use rectangular garden flower planters. It is also advisable to use humidifiers, which will help keep the moisture in the room, which will certainly please both plants and even yourself. An original and modern way to raise flowers above the floor is to use floating pots.

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