How to Care for Philodendron?

The genus Philodendron has hundreds of species of beautiful deciduous plants. And many of them are usually grown as indoor plants. In fact, they are often advertised for their ability to purify indoor air.

There are two main types of philodendrons: curly and non-curly. Climbing plants are vines up to a meter long, and they need some kind of support structure to climb on, for example, trellises. Non-climbing types have an erect way of growing and are excellent deciduous plants in pots. In general, philodendrons grow rapidly. It is best to plant them in spring, but indoor plants can usually be planted successfully at any time of the year. Therefore, when you meet a pink princess philodendron for sale, feel free to buy it and plant it.

philodendron flower
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Plant care

While caring for the philodendron, try to create tropical environment. Plant the plant on the sunny side so that it receives enough heat and sunlight. Philodendrons also like to be outside when it’s warm. They need it in order to breathe fresh air and enjoy natural light. But it is important to place them in places where there is a lot of shade, since in direct sunlight their leaves can burn in the sun.

In addition, to make the leaves of your plant look and function in the best possible way, you need to wipe them with a damp cloth periodically. If philodendron vines become too long in your opinion, they can be pruned. The best time to do this is spring or summer.

leaf of philodendron
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In spring and summer, these plants need monthly liquid fertilizers. In autumn and winter, it is necessary to reduce their feeding every 6-8 weeks.

But if you cut too much, the plant will get a lack of nutrients and slow down growth. You will also be able to notice that the leaves will be smaller than usual.

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