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How to Make a Tent for a Summer Residence with Your Own Hands

An awning (a tent) will protect from the wind, from the scorching sun. Shade N Net is good in the country. You can make an awning with your own hands to take it with you on a hike and spend time comfortably there.

Do it yourself

For such a summer residence shelter you will need very few materials, these are:

Do it yourself
Image by Jupi Lu from Pixabay

Before making an awning visit a website to better know how it looks. Make a markup by determining the width of the tent. If you do not have enough width of the material, then you can first sew two canvases together. On the first and second sides, fold the fabric twice and stitch it in such a way that it is inserted into the gap on both sides through the PVC pipe.

Now you need to fix the structure. To do this, make narrow recesses in the corners on the ground, put in each leg from the arc. Cover with soil and trample down well.

Same option but much faster

You will need:

  • metal pipes;
  • a tight rope that does not stretch much;
  • waterproof material.

First of all provide locks with which three pipes will be connected. If not, then they should be welded with a welding machine, giving this shape.

waterproof material
Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash

Fold the tarp in half to find the center pin. Here you will need to sew strips of braid with which you will tie the awning, fixing it on the top crossbar.

Sew the rope in the middle on one side and on the other, as well as four pieces at the corners. Tie strong knots at the ends of the ropes to form loops. You will attach them to the pegs to which you will need to tie the resulting loops.



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