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How to Make a Roof Window

Nowadays, the attic has acquired a touch of romance and many people want to make the attic room residential.

Installation difficulties

A window in any room is a source of light and air, and an extra stroke of romance in interior design. Still, there is a problem.

The roof protects from precipitation, shelters from the wind and scorching heat. And now we have to make a window-shaped hole in this protection. It is difficult to make skylight windows with your own hands just because you need to carefully seal it.

Solution to problem

It is very difficult to make an attic window with your own hands. Still, it is better if it is made only in factory conditions, with the help of special equipment. Therefore, pay attention to Velux roof windows.

outside view on attic windows with flowers
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There are two ways to solve the problem of installing a window in the attic.

  1. The attic window is installed vertically, as in a wall, slightly recessed into the interior of the room. This results in a simple window. Another small roof is often made over it. The positive aspect of this method is relative simplicity of installation.
  2. Installation of an attic window in the same plane with the roof. It takes special skill to install such an attic window with your own hands and at the same time to make it in a quality manner.

Before installing the window, as in the second case, it is necessary to thoroughly soak all the wooden elements with hot drying oil and paint with oil paint. The edging of the window opening (coaming), made in the form of a wooden beam, is better fastened in the corners with a spike smeared with waterproof glue.

the builder processes the window in the roof
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The window support plate is attached to the roof surface using glue as well. After installation, all the details of the window and the connection points with the roof are carefully painted.

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