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Basic Rules of Installation of Water Supply

To equip a water supply system in a private house, special skills are not required. Even an inexperienced person can do this. After all, modern manufacturers of fittings for water supply have simplified the technology of pipe joints, facilitating installation work in many ways. However, if you don’t have time to deal with the installation, then you can always turn to a professional plumber London. You need to turn to him in case of a breakdown or leakage of the system.


The water supply system itself is a connection of various plumbing fixtures, pipes and shut-off valves, which provide not only connection, but also water supply for the needs of both domestic and industrial. The water source is called a water intake.

In order to cook food, wash dishes, wash and even take a bath, both cold and hot water is needed. Also, water supply is needed for heating and sewerage.

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Installation of such a complex system consists of several stages:

  • design of the scheme for water supply;
  • purchase of necessary materials;
  • installation work.

In order for the whole system to work properly in the end, you need to carefully follow the instructions at each stage.

Necessary equipment

When a person has already decided on the choice of a system, then it is safe to start making calculations and drawings. The first thing to do is to decide on the choice of plumbing London:

  • Pump

First you need a pump, which is the main element of the water supply system. Therefore, it is not worth saving on its purchase. It is necessary to choose a pump with the calculation of the dynamic water level plus forty meters and plus 20% to increase the pressure;

  • Pipes

If you take pipes with thick walls, they can narrow the passage a little, and the pump will work with a greater load from this;

  • Metal fittings;
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  • Hydraulic accumulator.

If you are not confident in your abilities, it is better to contact a professional, because you will spend more money in the future to repair not only the system, but also at home with a leak.

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