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How to prepare for a composite door installation?

Buying the composite door of your dreams is not a problem, the main thing is to install it correctly.

Preparation of the door leaf. Hinge installation

Determine in advance in which direction composite doors will open. Note: After installing the hinges, the mistake cannot be corrected, since when the hinge is fastened with self-tapping screws, the integrity of the door leaf and frame profile is violated.

When installing a front doors block with a glazed leaf, it is recommended to use 3 overhead hinges. In this case, two loops are installed at the top of the canvas, and one at the bottom. Hinges are installed at a distance of 200 mm from the edge of the door leaf.

Installing the frame in the doorway

  • Measure the width and height of the doorway.
  • Measure the required distance on the box.
  • Cut the box to height.

Installing the lock mechanism

The lock mechanism recommended by the manufacturer is installed in a special groove made at the factory. The leaf is supplied with a mounting hole for installing the handle (the distance from the bottom of the door leaf to the hole for the handle is 1050 mm).

Installing the door block in the wall

Install the door block in the opening and fix it with wooden wedges so that the block is stationary. After checking the correct installation of the block in the opening, it is necessary to drill mounting holes and fix the door frame to the surface of the opening using anchor bolts. The door frame in the mounting opening should be fixed rigidly, with four anchors for each vertical post, strictly maintaining verticality in level, excluding the possibility of any movement of the frame profile.

It remains the case for small – to install the door and enjoy it.

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