Interesting Interior Element for Storage

Shelving is a very practical piece of furniture that can perform not only its main function – storage, but also serve as one of the interesting elements of the interior, help in zoning the space.


The rack has the following advantages over other storage options:

  • light weight and easy installation
  • ability to withstand significant loads
  • great variability in sizes and shapes
  • the possibility of manufacturing from various materials
  • affordable price
  • reliability and durability
  • possibility of use in various types of premises, from an apartment to a garage
  • it visually does not overload the space and looks organically in almost any design style
ordinary shelf
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Shelving is a convenient solution for storage in a living room, dressing room, kitchen, cottage, garage, etc.

How to choose

Choosing shelving for a home on the SONGMICS HOME website, it is necessary to determine what functions it will have to perform, what size it should be and in what style the interior is designed.

  • Type: if this is furniture for a living room, think about whether you need closed shelves, a back wall. The rack should be selected based on what things will need to be stored there.
  • Design: consider the height and number of shelves, check how much weight the selected model can withstand and whether it meets your needs.
  • Shape: the shelving can be either classic, visually divided into squares or rectangles, or unusual shapes. Choose based on the style of the interior.
  • Material: for residential premises, choose a wooden or combined version.
  • Dimensions: think about how many things you plan to store on it and which ones, as well as the role of the rack in the design of the room, and make a choice based on this.
  • Location: the choice of the model also depends on where it is planned to be delivered. The zoning rack usually differs in design from the usual one.
  • Style: the design must match the style of the interior. A traditional wooden shelving will fit better into classic interiors, and a combined or unusual form in a modern one.
  • Colour: you can choose absolutely any colour that suits the surrounding environment.
room with shelving
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Based on these criteria, you will choose shelving that will decorate the room and help solve the storage issue.

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