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What is Necessary to Prepare the Foundation and Lay Paving Slabs?

The speed and quality of work depends on the selected paving tools.

To prepare the foundation

A bulldozer or excavator is necessary for digging an earthen “trough”, which is a pit into which the underlying layers are laid. These are the most expensive tools. In order to work efficiently and safely with an excavator or bulldozer, it is necessary to take preparatory courses.

For paving

The following tools and materials are required for laying paving slabs:

  • Laser levelling. A platform for laying paving slabs is marked out with the help of this device. The level marks two perpendicular lines on the surface. It is exposed in such a way that the intersection of the lines coincides with the centre of the paving area, and the lines correspond to the longitudinal and transverse.
  • Concrete mixture for planches is made with the help of cement-mixer.
  • The cutter is used for cutting paving slabs. It should be a solid one. It is because paving slabs are made of stone, baked clay, sometimes metal. There are modifications of cutters: an electric machine, a manual machine and a manual cutter.
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Hand tools:

  • hand tools for laying paving slabs include:
  • rope and dyes;
  • construction levels are 0.5 and 2 meters long;
  • toothed spatula;
  • rubber hammer (mallet);
  • rubber spatula;
  • tape measurer.

Most actions are performed during the laying of paving slabs with the help of hand tools. With the help of rope and dyes, the longitudinal and transverse lines of the drawing are marked, the position of individual planches and entire sections are controlled by levels. A toothed spatula is used for applying concrete mixture, a rubber spatula is used for grouting joints. A rubber hammer is used for laying concrete and stone paving slabs and paving stones, and all measurements are made with a tape measure.

paving slabs
Photo by Dylan McLeod on Unsplash

In order to prepare the foundation qualitatively, then lay the paving slabs, it is necessary to use the appropriate tool. Now you know about the necessary tools and mechanisms.

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