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How High Can Garden Fence be in the UK

One of the most important items on the own territory is the front garden fence. This is, usually, beautiful elements made of wood and supported by posts. In the UK, however, it is not always allowed to install such universal decorations. Actually, all is possible, but it will be necessary to get a special permission from LPA (local planning authority) if the specifications of the constitution exceed 2 meters in height.

Local rules

Local rules
Image by Bruno /Germany from Pixabay

All regions have their own standards, and it is better to ask local authorities about actual norms. Very often it is allowed to do online via special websites of the government. In order to be correct it is essential to prepare a plan for the project. This way it will be easier to explain ideas and situations.

There are some methods to avoid a necessity to ask for a permission:

  • if an individual repair existing fence and there was a license for old structure;
  • it is not necessary to look for a legal acceptance when the plants form a natural barrier;
  • a classic solution is to build a construction lower than 2 meters.

It is also important to keep in mind that there are some scenarios when a person should ask for permission anyway:

  • in case when an area is protected as a nature reserve;
  • if the barrier is installed near to the important road or object;
  • when an individual wants to install the 2 meters high fence.
Photo by Peggy Paulson on Unsplash

There can also be unique situations that require separate consideration and law as well as standards for such cases can be different from region to region. It is better to find out all local norms before installing something, especially if it’s about division of plots since such issues are very sensitive and mistakes can cause unpleasant outcomes.

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