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Durable gates are a significant object on the territory of your house. The whole exterior style begins with them. Therefore, garden gates Warrington should emphasize the well-groomed yard and the seriousness of its owner.

Double wooden gates

Wood is considered one of the most expensive materials, especially for the manufacture of gates. This material has the following advantages:

  • wood is easily processed, so you can create any configuration of gates from it;
  • wooden gates differ in simple installation;
  • it is possible to make gates from various types of wood;
  • if the material is processed correctly, the finished product will last for decades;
  • presentable appearance.
Double wooden gates
Image by Nadiia Ganzhyi from Pixabay

Still, wood is not without its drawbacks, which it is important to know about when choosing it for making gates in a private yard:

  • constant maintenance and restoration of scuffs, correction of butt hinges, restoration of keyholes are required;
  • it is impossible to do without antiseptic treatment, otherwise your gates will begin to lose their attractive appearance.

An arsenal of special tools is not needed to make reliable gates. It is enough to buy already prepared raw materials and create a design at your discretion.

Single wooden gates
Image by Maaark from Pixabay

Single wooden gates

Single wooden gates can be the main component of your yard. According to external signs, they are made in a single design with double wooden gates. Sometimes deviations like individual decoration are also possible. This design element will save the owner from the need to constantly open the gates` leaf.

It is necessary to choose gates for a private house strictly taking into account all the features. Think over in advance the points regarding the installation, design and the presence of additional functional elements in them (for example, mailbox). It is best to contact specialists and order a design from them, rather than make mistakes and constantly adjust the position of the frame for normal operation of the gates` sections.

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