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Advanced Off-Road Transport

Off Road Electric Scooter is a traditionally progressive electric scooter with inflatable wheels, high clearance and a well-thought-out brake system based on advanced functionality.

Features and Benefits

This is a universal form of transport that can be used in any weather. Previously, this vehicle served as an ordinary entertainment, but now it is quite popular and is used by many every day. Enlarged wheels are a feature of off-road models. Thus, the high cross-country ability of the electric scooter on difficult sections of the road is ensured. There is also a waterproofing: in some models it is made at the assembly stage (factory waterproofing), in other models waterproofing can be done additionally.

Such gadgets can boast of a powerful tread: it literally “bites” into the road. Another feature of such electric scooters is reliable brakes. They can be disc or hydraulic, but the main condition: they are on both wheels. With such a system, it is easy to stop even at a high speed.

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Speaking of overclocking, manufacturers install motors from 350W in adult electric scooters. This is necessary for good dynamics and maneuverability: with powerful engines, you can easily drive over uneven terrain and reach a steep mountain. Powerful motors should have capacious batteries. The task of batteries is to provide power and power reserve. You will travel from 30 to 100 kilometers on a single charge of an off-road electric scooter, depending on the model.

Waterproofing is essential. It prevents moisture from getting inside to the battery and controller. So the risk of breakage is minimized.

You may have to go in the dark or at night, so it is important to take care of lighting. There are models with front headlights and a brake light in the catalogue. Buying such a transport is a great idea. It will provide good visibility and help to become visible to other riders. Manufacturers add LED strips on the sides of the soundboard and on the steering wheel for more effect.

You can buy an adult off-road electric scooter without extra overpayments on the Circooter website. By purchasing scooters from a reliable seller, you protect yourself from possible counterfeits and non-certified products.

Why you should buy this gadget?

Off–road electric vehicles are a great option for traveling around the city and beyond its borders. Driving such a vehicle, the rider becomes completely independent of weather conditions, city traffic, driving through difficult sections of the road without any problems and difficulties.

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You can also buy an off-road electric scooter exclusively for tourist trips and outdoor activities in the forest, near the river.

The catalogue presents a huge selection of electric scooters, on which you can easily tame the fiercest off-road. Study reviews, ratings, general recommendations of experts. Choosing the right model, you can use the support of consultants.

Remember, you can exchange or return the scooter within a few days after purchase. It is important that the device and packaging are safe, without damage.

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