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Road Cleaning

Road cleaning is carried out not only by public services, but also by private enterprises. The service of driveway cleaning Warrington is professionally engaged in cleaning roads and side-walks. Thanks to the activities of experienced employees, the residential area becomes cleaner and the likelihood of rapid destruction of the upper layers of the road surface decreases.

Features of cleaning depending on the season

Cleaning of roads and adjacent territories is carried out regardless of the season. Still, street cleaning in summer and winter is significantly different in scale and activities.

It is necessary to sweep the streets and periodically wash the coating of roads and side-walks in summer. Humidification of the pavement surface makes the air cleaner, which people need for normal well-being. Washing is carried out with the help of special equipment, the road is first treated with water, then the moistened dust and large garbage is collected and removed.

summer wet cleaning of roads
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The frequency of summer wet cleaning of roads, side-walks and other adjacent territories depends on weather conditions. In the absence of rain, it is advisable to wash the streets as often as possible, ideally 1-2 times a day.

Simple removing of dry debris and dust is not enough in winter. Cleaning roads after snowfall turns into a difficult task. Manual labour is not enough. It is necessary to attract special equipment and proper compliance with the stages of cleaning the road surface and adjacent territories.

Cleaning roads after snowfall
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The professional staff of the exterior cleaning company is able to cope with putting the streets in order, regardless of the degree of their pollution and location. The street cleaning service is ordered on an ongoing basis by both owners of private enterprises and private households. Cleaning the roads adjacent to the house or building is considered especially important. It is because convenient and safe access roads have a positive impact on the reputation of the company or homeowner.

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