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Best Dust Mop For Pet Hair

Pets in the house bring positive emotions and joy, and, at the same time, require responsibility and care. Over time, they become beloved family members for many people. In order to provide the microclimate in the house with the presence of domestic animals and maintain it, you will have to try your best. Just get into the habit of cleaning the house more often.

In order to get rid of the fur of pets, you need a dust mop with a special nozzle. Such a nozzle collects and retains pet hair well.  With such a nozzle, you will not leave a chance for wool, hair and dust to remain on the floor surface. Such accessory easily slides on the floor surface, while unlike a vacuum cleaner it does not make noise. It can be used for both dry and wet cleaning. It collects wool from all types of hard surfaces: porcelain stoneware slabs, linoleum, laminate, hardwood and cork. The brush layer helps to destroy dirt during wet cleaning, and the microfiber helps to collect and retain in its structure. It is easy to clean. Find more details here.

There are other advantages of the dust mop special nozzle:

  • It is 5 times faster than a broom or a vacuum cleaner;
  • It does not raise dust in the air;
  • There are no wires and bags;
  • It does not frighten animals with noise;
  • It is suitable for standard household mops 40×10 cm;

To remove hair and wool from the nozzle, use an iron brush. Put on rubber gloves during wet cleaning. Wash at a temperature not higher than 60 degrees.

Live in joy and purity with your beloved pets!

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