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How to Clean Everything after the Completion of Construction

Of all the stages of the construction of a house, the most unpleasant, but absolutely necessary, is cleaning after completion of construction. The new building needs to be filled with furniture and inhabited, but you have to tinker with garbage and cleaning all home surfaces. Inviting specialists from the harvesting company will save time, but not money. In order for independent work not to be delayed for several days, you need to know in what order and according to what rules to clean the house and territory after construction. All actions must be carried out according to a pre-planned plan.

Post-construction work plan
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Post-construction work plan

A special type of work is carried out only after the completion of any construction. It differs favorably from the general cleaning of the room in that it is necessary to clean rooms that are not yet filled with furniture. But the quantity and variety of construction debris requires the use of special methods and tools, for example you may need skip hire Blackpool. It is better to hire specialists to remove bulky garbage around your house. Then you can be sure that you have not only cleaned your territory at home, but this garbage is properly disposed of and it will not harm the environment in any way. But if you don’t have money after building a house, then you should follow a clear plan.

After the construction of the new house, the following works are expected to be carried out:

  • Removal of construction debris from all rooms. It is useful to think in advance about the storage locations on the territory, so that it would be convenient to take it to a landfill or dispose of it on the site itself.
  • Dry cleaning. From walls, floors, windows and window sills, the stuck remnants of building mixes, paper and sticky tape are removed.
  • Wet cleaning. Cleaning floors and walls with the use of detergents, tools and aggregates.
  • Final cleaning. Processing of decorative elements – baseboards, doors, ventilation grilles, fittings.
Cleaning of the territory
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Cleaning of the territory from the removed construction debris. The completion of this stage depends on the method of its disposal. This can be a complete removal to a landfill or partial use for landscaping of a household plot.

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