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The operating parameters of the instrument determine the scope of its use. Tools are divided into household and professional. The latter are equipped with powerful batteries to work for a long time without recharging. They cost, of course, a lot too. Households are designed for intermittent use with modest performance. Your choice depends on your needs, and our task is to tell you about what modern manufacturers offer.

The questions of how to choose a cordless drill driver and what the market offers today are by no means idle. Take, for example, two models from the same manufacturer. There is practically no difference in price. The battery voltage is the same. What is the difference between the models and which one should you ultimately choose? Look at the battery. Nickel-cadmium, as you know, makes it possible to work at low temperatures, but it is highly discharged and has a memory effect. Lithium-ion without memory effect and without self-discharge cannot work in the cold.

A cordless screwdriver is not the most necessary tool: in most cases, a screwdriver is more functional at least due to the possibility of normal drilling (sometimes even in shock mode), a higher torque. But, on the other hand, if all the work consists of tightening small screws without the need for a strong tightening, but in large quantities and not always in convenient places, an “electrified” screwdriver will noticeably reduce fatigue in comparison with both a conventional screwdriver, which will inevitably be heavier. For example, an assembler of computers, a repairer of electronic equipment, household appliances definitely does not have an electric screwdriver lying around idle.

As you can see, choosing a cordless tool is no less important task than choosing an electric drill. The cordless tool is truly versatile. Its compactness and mobility are convenient for dismantling and assembling structures in confined spaces.

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