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How to Choose a Team for Repairs and not to Blunder

Last but not least, it depends on the team what kind of apartment you will receive after the repair. Therefore, it is important to find normal workers who will not take a lot of money for crooked wallpaper pasted.

Where to look for a brigade

It is better to contact friends or acquaintances who have recently done repairs. If they liked everything, take the contacts of the foreman or company.

If this is not possible, look for builders on the Internet: Calgary renovation contractors can offer you some good teams, see photos and read customer reviews.

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Check all contacts and study the portfolio: pay attention to the quality of the repair and the terms in which the team usually completes the work. All contacts of the company must be indicated on the company’s website, and the contract must be drawn up for a legal entity if you contacted the company for repairs, and not an individual.

Buy materials

If possible, buy finishing materials with the foreman. He will save you from imaginary savings: if you buy cheap wallpaper glue, it may turn out to be of poor quality – the wallpaper will simply peel off over time. Therefore, the foreman will advise not to save on glue, but to buy simple wallpaper.

How to pay

Repair is divided into several stages: dismantling, installation of communications, erection of partitions, leveling of floors, walls and ceiling, fine finishing. If you agreed with the foreman to work in stages, then you also need to pay for the work in stages: they removed the old wallpaper – paid, replaced the wiring – here’s another payment for you.

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It is better to indicate each stage in the contract and estimate: it will be easier to understand how much money was spent on materials and work.

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