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Every owner of a dwelling is afraid of an unscrupulous tenant. Such a tenant may not pay or damage accommodation: break windows, ruin internal communications, break switches or even remove floor coating. To evict such an unscrupulous tenant, you have to use the services of bailiff locksmith.

Remember, in some cases you don’t need to go to a British court to evict your tenants Lear below, how it is possible.

Procedures for different types of rentals

The exact procedure will depend on the lease agreement and its terms.


There are 2 types of STR:

  1. “periodic” lease agreements — they are valid week after week or another period after period without a fixing final date;
  2. fixed—term leases – they are valid for a certain period of time.
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You should follow the established process if your tenants have STR.

  • Send a notice to the tenants in accordance with Section 21 if you want to return the property by the final date. Send them a Section 8 notice if they have violated the terms of the lease.
  • Apply to the court for a standard possession warrant if your tenants do not move out by the final date specified in the notice and they still should pay you rent.
  • Apply for a possession warrant if your tenants still won’t come out.

Excluded leases or licenses

You should not go to court to evict your tenants if they have an excluded lease or license.

Give them a “reasonable notice” to leave. It usually means the length of the rental period, so if your tenants are paying rent weekly, you can give them one week’s notice. The notification does not have to be in writing.

Afterwards you can change the locks in their rooms. In this case, eviction locksmith will help you.

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Guaranteed and regulated rental

If your tenants started renting before February 27, 1997, they may have a guaranteed or regulated lease. Just follow special rules to evict them.

Your tenant owes rent and receives housing benefits

If your tenant owes you rent and requires universal credit or housing benefit, you can get the rent paid to you instead of evicting them.

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