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The One Who Is Responsible For Each Tree

Tree surgeon in Nottingham or arborist is a specialist who monitors the condition of trees. His profession resembles the one of a forester. Still, if the latter cares about the safety of the entire forest as a whole, the arborist is responsible for each tree individually. The responsibilities of this employee include such manipulations as:

  1. Conducting a thorough inspection of trees. This can be sanitation of plantings, pruning of crowns, their correct formation, as well as “treatment” of trunk damage and other tree diseases;
  2. Carrying out works to strengthen plantings. It happens that a tree is very young, thin and immature. Then it is supported with the help of stretch marks. The forks of the tree are fastened together. As a result, it becomes more stable;
  3. The tree surgeon is also supposed to remove among the plantings those that are dilapidated or terminally ill. There are cases of damage to the green massif by bark beetle or other pest. Their elimination is mandatory. This specialist is invited for competent work.
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Now let’s summarize the information about the tree surgeon. The arborist’s specialization is not planting trees, not laying woodlands and not the correct arrangement of plants in the garden. Although this profession is close in terms of interaction to landscape design and landscaping, it differs from them.

Arborist is engaged exclusively in monitoring the condition of trees. After the next monitoring, which is carried out regularly at a certain time, the specialist makes certain decisions. He draws conclusions as to which plant needs a complex of therapeutic procedures, and which are no longer amenable to healing. Accordingly, a work plan is being drawn up to eliminate the existing problems. The emergency tree is cut down, and the stump is carefully uprooted.

What you need to know about arborist services

This specialty is fraught with risk and difficulties. To inspect all the trees, an arborist needs to climb on each of them.

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In fact, when ordering the services of this professional, you should follow the principles below:

  1. Be sure to call an employee working in the staff of a reputable company. The company should not be a one-day firm. And the specialist you invite to do the job should not be an individual. Otherwise, there is a possibility that you will be deceived. It means, they will take an advance payment and disappear in an unknown direction;
  2. If you need an arborist, give preference to a specialist with a real diploma. This means that a person graduated from a certain higher education institution, and not accelerated courses;
  3. Find out the work experience and competence of the employee. Look at his portfolio, reviews of his work from real people on the web. It is necessary to search for such reviews on independent portals or find out about a person from your colleagues, acquaintances, friends.

Arborist is a complicated profession. The experts in this sphere should have maximum concentration of attention, remarkable strength to handle the tool on weight, extreme accuracy, as well as speed and dexterity when performing tasks at height.

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