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How Big Can a Summer House be Without Planning Permission in the UK

Summerhouses are very popular in the UK and many people want to have such a type of construction on their territory, however the local government has some restrictions, and it is not recommended breaking them. All limits as it can be guessed are related to the size of the object. Any individual just needs to follow common standards and then it won’t be necessary to obtain the permission.

Actual rules
Image by annca from Pixabay

Actual rules

It is possible to install an object that can be used as summerhouse without permission if its dimensions are not exceed 3 meters of the roof of mono-pitched type. It is well known that there are also other options and for all of them special standards are generated. Here they are:

  • double pitched roof must not be higher than 2.5 meters from the eaves level;
  • flat option should be lower than 2.5 meters;
  • the maximum height of the apex in any case shouldn’t be more than 4 meters.
construction also must be not bigger than half of the garden area
Image by Paul Brennan from Pixabay

The construction also must be not bigger than half of the garden area. If the object is placed closer than 2 meters to the walls of the house the top of it can’t be higher than 2.5 meters. It is significantly easier to build an object without permission if it is not designed for long accommodation, and it hasn’t a sleeping area. The authorities also pay attention to the actual floor area. Maximum size is 15 square meters.


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