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Why You Need Concrete Pump?

There are construction projects when it is impossible to do only with a concrete mixer truck and it is necessary to order concrete pumping. A concrete pump is required if:

  • it is necessary to apply concrete to the upper floors of a building;
  • pour concrete for a foundation of a building when there is no entrance to the foundation;
  • pour any size of a horizontal platform if a concrete mixer truck for draining concrete cannot drive up to it.

Nuances of work with concrete pump

One cube of concrete weighs an average of 2.4 tons. Therefore, if one or two cubes of concrete (2,4-5 tons) are transported on a wheelbarrow- it’s not a big problem. Still, if ten cubes or more should be transported, it is already a problem. Moreover, a simple concrete mixer truck also costs money. So decide for yourself that it is more profitable to pay for a simple concrete mixer truck, a salary of 5-10 workers or pay for a concrete pump and 2-3 workers.

Concrete pumps are divided into two types:

  • mobile concrete pumps
  • stationary ones

Both types can supply concrete vertically to the upper floors, and horizontally to platforms, paths, etc. A concrete pump requires a horizontal platform with a slope of no more than 3% and dimensions of 11×5 meters or more, depending on the size of the concrete pump. There should be no electrical wires and tall trees in the radius of the concrete pump operation. Keep in mind that the weight of the concrete pump starts from 15 tons or more, so the access road and the platforms for its placement must be solid.

Order a concrete pump, and your building project will be filled with concrete very quickly and efficiently, without unnecessary hassle and any problems.

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