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How to Fix Minor Electric Scooter Problems

An Electric Scooter is an excellent means of transportation on city streets in traffic jams and bad ecology. It can be used not only for moving from home to work and back, but also for family walks, various excursions.

In addition, this is an economical vehicle that does not need expensive consumables and, above all, refueling with expensive gasoline.

Despite the fact that the electric scooter is a fairly durable and hardy transport, from time to time some elements fail. The reasons can be both wear of parts during regular use of the scooter, and improper operation. We will consider what breakdowns most often occur while using an electric scooter.

Controller failure

The key element of the off road electric scooter system is the controller. It interconnects the work of such components as the battery, throttle, brake sensor, motor-wheel. When the controller fails, the operation of the electric scooter stops completely.

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The controller is equipped with a reliable system of protection against overheating and damage. When the system overheats, the controller blocks the operation of the electric scooter. In this case, you should wait about 20 minutes for the system to cool down to the optimum temperature. After that, the electric scooter will start functioning again. Therefore, if the controller burned out, then most likely it is the user’s fault.

Avoid improper connection of electric vehicles to the network. Also responsibly treat the rules for operating an electric scooter during a long trip. If you can fix a punctured wheel or damage to the steering column at the nearest car service, then the burned-out controller can no longer be repaired. Most likely, you will have to contact the service center to replace the controller.

Wheel motor problems

Often there are cases when the motor-wheel twitches when turning the accelerator. Most likely the problems occurred with the rotor position sensors.

The reason for this can be various kinds of malfunctions, whether it be: water ingress into the motor-wheel, voltage drop or mechanical damage. The specialists in the service center will help you to fix the problem.

Breakage in the throttle

When the throttle lever fails, the electric scooter cannot reach the maximum speed. The throttle grip may break due to the inept and careless handling of the owner.

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Problems may be related to sensors that, when turning the electric scooter, incorrectly send a signal to the controller.

Brake sensors

If the braking system malfunctions, the wheel motor may not work. During the activation of the sensors, the motor-wheel is automatically switched off, after which the hydraulic brake system comes into action.

Also check the correct operation of the brake pads and the brake disc. Pads are one of the elements of an electric scooter that wears out during long-term use.

At the first sign of brake failure, it is not recommended to repair the iSinwheel yourself, especially if you do not have the necessary skills and knowledge. Contact the service center for timely replacement or repair of the brake system.

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