How to Grow your own Cut Flower Garden?

A bouquet of freshly cut flowers is a bright touch in the interior, radically changing the look of any room. He, like a magnet, attracts the eyes and fills the room with comfort and freshness.

Cutting is the second life of flowers. Cutting flower stalks is not only not harmful to the plant, but even useful. Therefore, flowers are specially grown for this purpose. If you have been Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards and you wanted to make the same beauty in your yard, then here are a few points that you should pay attention to.

How do such flowers differ from their garden counterparts?

They are no different, they are the same flowers, only ready to stand cut in the room a little longer than the others. So, for example, the blossoming peonies will not stand for more than 2 days. However, if they are cut off not yet bloomed, they will stand longer.

Make a separate corner for your cut flower garden. Then when you cut the flowers, you will not have a void in the center of the garden. It is better if the flowers will please you both in the yard and at home.

Therefore, the rules for planting such flowers are no different. You can safely follow the instructions for each plant. The main thing is to cut them correctly.

When is it better to cut flowers?

The best time for cutting is early morning, the flowers are saturated with moisture and strength for a new day. It is worth cutting flowers that are just beginning to bloom or are still in the bud stage.

In some plants, a whitish milky juice can be seen on the cut: let it drain, and then, as if sealing, lower it into hot water.

It is not enough just to collect a bouquet of flowers; you need to pick them up in such a way that their wilting period is approximately the same if there are different types of plants in the composition.

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