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Why you need to rent a private jet: 5 urgent reasons

We have found out the five main reasons why people are increasingly choosing to rent a private jet:

  1. Saving time. As a standard, a passenger must arrive at the airport 2-3 hours before departure. With private jet Sardinia, you can arrive 15-30 minutes before departure.
  2. Following only your own schedule. Often carriers meet a respected customer halfway and plan the departure time according to his schedule — there is no need to adjust your day for commercial flights.
  3. Rich choice of flight directions. With a rented plane, you can literally fly wherever you want. For statistics: there are more than 5,000 airports in the USA, but only 500 of them are served by commercial flights! Business jets have a shorter take-off and landing distance, so they can land at an airfield where a giant airliner cannot land.
  4. Comfortable flight. More space than in first class — the entire cabin is at your disposal, without outsiders. Also, the jets are distinguished by quieter cabins, and there can be a bedroom, a shower room and high-speed Internet on board. In addition to the services of a personal flight attendant, the passenger can independently adjust the sound, lighting and temperature in the cabin.
  5. Increased security. Only you and the flight crew will be on the aircraft — there is no need to worry about the problems that numerous unfamiliar passengers can deliver, there is no need to worry about the safety of your luggage. There is a separate issue of hygiene — fresher air, cleaner interior.

Plus, business jets are often rented because of concern for their own health – in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, it is much safer to fly alone than in the neighbourhood with hundreds of other passengers.

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7 types of private jet rentals

First of all, the client needs to decide what kind of jet rental he needs:

  • Personal VIP charter. The entire salon is at the complete disposal of the client.
  • Group charter. The choice of companies and enterprises for comfortable transportation of managers and employees to other states.
  • Empty-Leg. This term means renting an airplane only on a certain section of the route, where it follows empty. The option is good because it costs 30-75% cheaper than the usual charter.
  • Cargo charter. A separate offer for the transportation of bulky cargo, because only jet heavy vessels are suitable for such baggage.
  • Long-term chartering. An option for those who fly more than 40 hours a month, but do not want to purchase a personal plane.
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  • Medical charter. It is necessary for the movement of patients (including seriously ill) and their accompanying persons. A specially equipped vessel with a medical team on board is rented.
  • Charter to inaccessible regions. In other words, departure to a location where commercial flights do not fly. The order is possible if civil aircraft are accepted at point B, there is a suitable runway.

Such a wealth of choice is easily explained by statistics from Forbes: today the global aviation market is estimated at $27.5 billion, and in just six years this figure will increase to $36.2 billion.

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