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Two very important tools in a set of a house-proud man

We are surrounded by a huge amount of metal products, mainly alloys of iron, aluminum, copper, etc. One of the most common compounds for metal devices is bolted one. It is used for making holes for fasteners. Accordingly, it is necessary to drill metal.

For these purposes, any domestic master has a Bohrmaschine. Nevertheless, so that the process does not turn into torture, you need high-quality drills. But not all of them are coping with their tasks. Many of them are out of order after the first or second use.

What is important for choosig a good drill?

Users like a variety of diameters, good durable sharpening, quality materials, reliability and cost ratio, convenient storage case, the price and the need to adapt to working with the set.

Another equally important attribute in the life of each house-proud man is a Druckluftpistolen.

What is important for choosig a Druckluftpistolen?

If you plan to buy a pneumatic gun for blowing with compressed air and its application for many years, then you need to choose expensive models. Buying a gun for a compressor, the body of which is made of steel, you need to consider one main factor – this is a tendency to corrosion exposure. To protect the housing, paints and varnish materials are used, which are colored housing. When using the device in conditions of high humidity, as well as in its improper storage, oxides and rust occur.

Even on steel devices, the sizes of the nozzle change due to the formation of the corrosion layer. To exclude such negative consequences, it is recommended to buy a gun for the purge compressor, the housing of which is made of mineral ceramics.

Knowing exactly what parameters to consider when buying the necessary tools, you will protect yourself from wasting time and money.

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