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Modern Renovation Technologies For Your Bathroom

Bathroom renovation is not an easy task. There is little space here, dirt and dust everywhere. And if the finishing touches plumbing fixtures, the inability to use them for a while is added to everything, which raises the degree of inconvenience to a new level. You want to finish the renovation as soon as possible, and use a new, clean and shining bathroom. This desire is perfectly matched by Shower Panels from Floors To Walls, which are also called PVC panels.

white ceramic sink with stainless steel faucet
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There are three main varieties of such finishing material:

  1. Rack and pinion panels. They represent the well-known long slats of small width, which are assembled into a single canvas with the help of special fastening locks. They are located on the side faces of the rails and allow you to quickly create a solid canvas of plastic of the desired dimensions.
  2. Imitation tiles. PVC panels are often used for bathroom decoration, so manufacturers produce a material that does not differ in color, size and texture from ceramic tiles. Installation of such a coating is carried out very quickly. The length of each panel may vary. You can choose any color scheme that corresponds to the aesthetic preferences of the apartment owner.
  3. Sheets. Such panels are more expensive than previous versions of the material, but they help to realize any design ideas. The walls of the bathroom, finished with such a coating, look like a single whole, without seams, irregularities and joints. Repair work takes very little time.
a white bath tub sitting next to a wooden tablewhite bath tub sitting next to a wooden table
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Bathroom decoration with this material is gaining popularity. Perhaps this is just what your bathroom needs.

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