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What are the Advantages of Laser Metal Cleaning?

Today there are many ways to get rid of corrosion, but the most effective of them is laser cleaning of metal.

Compared to other known methods of getting rid of rust, it is the most expensive, but the cost is justified by efficiency. At the same time, you can use this technology to remove not only corrosion, but also other problems on the metal, for example, oil stains. Therefore, the result will surprise the owner of the device for laser rust removal from metal. No other known method can achieve such a result, so it’s worth it.

Principle of operation

Surely, you will be interested in the principle of operation of the laser cleaner. The advantage and efficiency of the laser is that it acts on a certain area with short laser pulses on the treated surface. The shiny metal surface creates laser radiation. This is if the metal is clean, but if there is rust on it, then the laser will act on this area. The beam will heat the plaque, the rust plaque will melt and collapse, thereby cleaning the metal surface.

rust metal
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Reasons why this method is better than others

  • Speed. Due to the fact that the laser acts pointwise, it most effectively affects the surface, thereby speeding up the cleaning process.
  • Efficiency. If you buy good equipment, such as HANTENCNC, then you will quickly and effectively remove all corrosion, given that you will not be able to achieve such a result in other ways.
  • Accuracy. Laser equipment can be configured as you need, that is, you can choose the power, the area of impact. At the same time, the metal surface does not necessarily have to be smooth, it can also be grooved. Laser cleaning will still be effective.
  • Quality. The laser removes not only quickly and efficiently, but also qualitatively. After the laser, there is no trace of corrosion.
  • Safety. Also, taking into account the fact that you buy equipment, the equipment will do everything for you. You will have no contact with the surface and the laser, so you will not be able to get injured.
laser cleaning machine
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Thus, the cost of laser equipment is justified by efficiency, speed, accuracy and quality. Undoubtedly, this method is the safest for humans, as well as environmentally friendly.

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