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What is Important to Know about Lawn Watering?

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Any lawns and lawns require attention. Otherwise, their appearance will not be attractive. At the same time, watering is one of the main requirements. The lawn should receive water in sufficient quantity and regularly to prevent the soil from drying out or, conversely, the content of excess moisture in it, which can cause the death of lawn plants. To prevent this, it is important to maintain the required ratio in the thickness of the lawn soil between water and air.

This is most possible with a rachio sprinkler controller. If the moisture balance in the soil changes, it immediately negatively affects the appearance. And then the work to restore the previous appearance will take a lot of time.

When do you need to water?

Photo by Victor Furtuna on Unsplash

If the grass on the lawn began to acquire a bluish hue or turn dark green, and the leaves begin to curl, then it’s time for watering. It is best to water the lawn in the early morning, the fact is that there is virtually no wind in the early morning and late evening, and moisture will not evaporate much. Therefore, you can set the time on the rachio sprinkler for this time, so as not to miss watering at the time when it is best to do it.

Of course, it is possible late in the evening, but this is only in extreme cases, since in this case the grass will stand wet all night, and this can cause the development of fungi. Landscaping and landscaping of the territory is not only a lawn, it is also bushes, trees that also need watering, they need to be watered separately from time to time, but here you need to take care of deep watering so that water penetrates to the root system, which is located deep in the ground.

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