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Animation in marketing: how to offer repair services at its best

Motion graphics in marketing is a real trend. It emphasizes the individuality of the company and engages the user more than text. Motion graphics is also easier to remember, because it is bright and associative.

When you are looking for repair services, of course, you will read the advertisements, but a bright visual image will no doubt attract your attention more. Only then you will read the text. However, how to attract the reader with motion graphics? There are three main rules.

Video is the best ad

Video, filmed or animated by motion graphics studio, is and will always be the number one solution. Any client today, and especially in the future, needs a video explainer that describes the business. The task is to describe some complex array of information in a short time with maximum immersion of the user’s attention by motion graphics production.

Bumper Ads

These 6-second YouTube commercials are not to be missed. Intro ads grab the viewer’s attention quickly and increase brand awareness. A Google study found that 9 out of 10 of these ad campaigns increased ad recall.

Animated infographic

A 2019 Visual Content Marketing study found that 40% of marketers view original graphics, including infographics, as the most effective way to achieve a goal. Demanded infographics become even more interesting when they are animated by motion agency.

Animated infographics are used in the news to show, for example, the dynamics of oil prices or the growth of the brand’s popularity in comparison with others. Some companies want to product motion graphics for using this specialty. Nevertheless, it is also used for a visual and capacious presentation of a brand or service on YouTube, at professional exhibitions or in social networks.

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