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How can you not only save energy, but also become more environmentally friendly?

With the onset of cold weather, you have to turn on the heating system. At the same time, energy consumption and electricity costs are skyrocketing. But there is a way to save money, thanks to the Nest thermostat.

What is a thermostat and what is it for?

A thermostat is a device for constantly maintaining a stable temperature.  Nest Thermostat installation can be used both at home and at work. There are various variations of thermostats that control the temperature of a specific object.

Thanks to the thermostat, you no longer have to waste water and time on temperature control. In addition, if the cold water supply stops, the thermostat will instantly react by automatically shutting off the hot water supply, which makes it impossible to get burned.

The thermostats from Nest Pro, due to the unbeatable sensitivity of the thermoelectric, provide water at the temperature you need in a few seconds and maintain it at a constant level throughout the shower taking procedure.

Why we should use a thermostat?

  1. Significant energy savings. If the power of the heating system is calculated correctly, thanks to the thermostat, the heaters will work on average no more than 5-7 hours a day.
  2. Automation of the heating system. You save your time and money on service personnel.
  3. Redistribution of the load to the power grid. The heaters will not be switched on simultaneously, but in cascade, which will reduce the load on the network. This is especially important for apartments, old houses, etc.
  4. Maintaining a minimum temperature. You reduce energy consumption during your absence from the premises (working hours, vacations, business trips, country and country houses). It is generally accepted that a 1° C decrease in temperature will reduce energy consumption by 5-7%.

Start saving and protecting the environment now!


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