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How to Calculate the Number of Paving Blocks or Slabs and Not Lose?

When you plan to pave a plot, it is important to calculate the number of blocks and/or slabs correctly. This will save you from buying too much or, conversely, not enough material.

Learn below how to calculate the quantity of material required for paving.

Make a blueprint

Even at the planning stage, draw a plot plan, mark buildings and objects, lay paths and other areas on it that you will pave. Then go through the plot with a plan along the paths that you have outlined. This will allow you to evaluate how convenient they will be to use.

paving blocks on the ground
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Calculation of slabs with simple paving

If you plan geometrically flat areas and paths, paving in one design for all zones and without a pattern, simply calculate the area of the plots, and then add 5-10% to the resulting amount. For most shapes, this is enough, but if you choose slabs of complex shape or plan a complex laying scheme, it is better to add a little more. The resulting value will be the required amount (that is, the area) of paving slabs for paths.

You can do it easier and use paving slab calculator online.

big slabs
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Calculation for complex paving

If you would like winding paths and circular platforms, paving with a pattern or paving slabs of different colors and shapes for different zones, you need to make a more detailed plan. You will need to calculate the number of each type of tile individually.

In the case of counting blocks for paving, you can also use the block paving calculator. This tool is available online and intuitive. Anyone can figure it out. You don’t have to be a professional.

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