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What to Consider when Installing a Roof

Those who built the house themselves say that the most difficult stage of construction was the construction of the roof, especially without professional knowledge.

How to calculate the roof with your own hands?

After the design project has been developed, it is imperative to calculate the amount of materials for its manufacture. This is necessary in order to know in advance the volume of lumber and order the appropriate batch from the manufacturer.

calculate the roof
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It is also recommended to perform a calculation of the roof for permissible loads in order to select the cross section of the supporting elements. For example, one of the most important details is the rafter leg – for it, the height and width of the beam is selected based on parameters such as:

  • roofing materials;
  • snow load;
  • laying step;
  • span.

However, most often, such a detailed calculation is neglected and the choice of truss sections is based on general recommendations, but with a small margin, since the tables do not take into account the specifics of a particular situation. It is best to entrust this difficult matter to Roofer Lytham St Annes, because the roof is a serious structure, and if it is not installed correctly, it can end in terrible consequences for the inhabitants of the house.


The choice of the type of roof is made on the basis of economic and individual (aesthetic) considerations, and also depends on the angle of the roof slope. For example, soft roofs are not guaranteed to withstand slopes greater than 45°.

The choice of the type of roof
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To date, the most common building materials on the market are:

  • ceramic tiles;
  • metal tiles;
  • corrugated board;
  • onduline;
  • folding sheets;
  • rolled bituminous roofing.

Mounting methods vary depending on the material chosen, but in almost all cases the roof is laid from the eaves to the ridge to provide sufficient overlap and protection against rainfall. Also, the fasteners used must be made of galvanized or stainless materials and equipped with an elastic sealing washer.

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