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Saddle and stirrup are the best combination

Sports saddles should facilitate the movement of the horse as much as possible in all gaits and when jumping. Sports saddles are subdivided into show jumping, triathlon, high school riding (dressage), vaulting (special gymnastic exercises are performed on them), and riding training (training saddles). Training saddles are simpler in design and are usually made from cheap materials.

The saddle pad is made of thick felt. It softens the pressure of the saddle and cushions on the horse’s body, prevents the formation of abrasions, and absorbs sweat while the horse is working. Under the housing, a saddle-cloth is placed on a rectangular piece of white linen fabric measuring 70 x 80 cm. The housing protects the horse’s skin from a dirty saddle-cloth. It is not part of the saddle.

It is very important that these parts of the horse harness fit under the safety stirrups. The selection of stirrups is quite extensive. Many riders choose magnetic safety stirrups Ophena T and Ophena S.

Magnetic stirrups are relatively new to equestrian sports. This is a good show jumping solution. Here, the safety is reversed: not how to throw off a stirrup and foot position, but how not to lose it. In general, riding stirrups simply create comfort for the rider by reducing possible problems. The construction includes  best stirrups with a very strong magnet and a sole with a magnet of a different polarity.

By adding magnets, the traction force can be increased or decreased, as well as the contact point can be shifted closer to the toe of the boot or to the middle. In these stirrups, the direction of the magnets is made so that the leg cannot be moved back and forth, the stirrup cannot be detached from the shoe by moving along the insole.

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