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What To Do If An Electric Scooter Breaks Down?

An electric scooter is expensive, there are simpler Chinese models, but then you have to choose between availability and reliability. Therefore, it is better to choose according to the “price – quality” parameter, for example, a scooter from iSinwheel may be a good option.

All moving parts are subject to wear, so we suggest you familiarize yourself with the nodes that most quickly become unusable, as well as with methods of troubleshooting.


Most problems can be prevented and avoided thanks to prevention. The service is traditional for mechanics and electricians.

  • Mechanical parts
  • Bearings

Rolling bearings are used in s9pro electric scooter, their design includes:

  • two rings – clips;
  • separator. This is a metal part in which there are balls that rotate freely;
  • steel balls, due to them the bearing rotates with minimal resistance;
  • protective cover. They close the space between the clips and protect the mechanism from abrasive, moisture and dirt.
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Bearing Problems

During long-term operation, the following problems are possible:



Method of elimination

Creaking when moving

dirt got under the lid

remove the covers, rinse the bearings, fill lubricant


the balls with rust with grease

If corrosion has just begun, it is enough to rinse and replace the grease. If the rust has penetrated deeply, then only replacing the bearing will help;

Wedging on the move, beating, vibration

The separator has collapsed

Only the replacement of the bearing


The bearings have fallen out

Only the replacement of the bearing


Cracked clips

Only the replacement of the bearing

The steering column or wheel is very loose

The production of a seat

Can occur if a faulty bearing has been used for a long time, in this case it is necessary to change the entire part on which the seat is located.

Periodically, especially when operating in rain or mud, it is necessary to check the condition of the lubricant.

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To do this, you need to:

  • carefully disassemble the node, knock out the axis through a spacer made of soft metal, like aluminium, so as not to jam the edges;
  • remove the bearing by tapping gently;
  • remove the covers (if any), for this you need to pry them with a sharp object from the side of the clip, but do not pierce or deform them so that they perform their function after assembly.


When assembling, you need to adhere to the reverse algorithm:

  • install the bearing in the seat, insert the axle. The bearing should be placed with a little effort, but not too tight. If the part does not fit, the edge or the end of the axis could be jammed, in this case, the damaged areas are processed with a file;
  • it is installed all the way, by tapping, when after a blow (not strong) a ringing sound was heard instead of a deaf one, then the part is in place.

Electrical Contacts

The s9max electric scooter often comes into contact with moisture, even when stored, water can condense on the parts with temperature changes, which gradually oxidizes the contacts.

Knowing the problem areas of the electric scooter, you can prevent its breakdown.

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