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Your safety during roof repairs

Modern roofing materials used in the construction of roofs of various designs have a long service life. However, despite this, even the most durable coating often needs to be repaired before the expiration of the service life declared by the manufacturer.

Materials and equipment for roof repair

The choice of material required for repair depends on the type of roofing and coating previously used. Therefore, in order to know what material is needed when arranging the roof, it is necessary to have an estimate in hand. Fall protection systems are also needed. They are not even just needed, but necessary, because how many tragedies have happened when a roofer fell off the roof.

Kinds of fall protection systems

Safety harness is designed to hold the worker’s body during a fall and after the fall to stop it. This should be used in all cases without exception, when a fall of an employee is possible. The harness must have straps covering the shoulders and hips, and an attachment element located in the chest and / or back area.

A seated harness is required when performing work using the rope access method (industrial mountaineering). An attachment point located in the abdomen area and straps around the waist and each leg allow the worker to maintain a sitting position while in a state of suspension.

The restraint and positioning harness is used to limit the free movement of a worker to prevent falling, and to hold the worker in a position convenient for work. A harness for holding and positioning usually includes a waist belt with attachment elements.

The use of a waist belt of a full body harness is not permitted in work where there is a risk of falling, as injury or death may occur due to impact loading on the spine.

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