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What You Need to Know about Building a Shed

Any gardening shed is a prefabricated building, which is almost always done without heating. It is used for storing inventory, various stuff, keeping animals, temporary storing of crops or used as a workshop. In most cases, it is a small building with only one room. Various materials can be used to build a shed. Manufacturers offer ready-made solutions in the form of containers or prefabricated systems.

Place for construction

The location for gardening sheds erection should be determined at the planning stage of the entire site with the designation of other buildings. This will help you choose the most optimal place so that the yard remains free and it is comfortable to move around it. In most cases, it is allocated a territory that is not suitable for the construction of other buildings there.


The design of the garden shed can be very light, but it still requires the construction of a solid foundation. If this is not done, the walls may be askew very soon. The type of foundation is selected depending on the materials used for the walls, their height and the characteristics of the roof.

Photo by Scott Blake on Unsplash

Material for construction

 When choosing a shed project, it is necessary to consider which option is most suitable for you, and what material will be used for its construction. According to these parameters, buildings are conditionally divided into prefabricated, frame, brick and container.

Roof arrangement

The construction of the shed includes the creation of a waterproof two- or one-pitched roof. Sometimes other options are used, for example, four-pitched, round, tent, but they are very rarely installed.

Roof arrangement
Image by Matthias Böckel from Pixabay


Building a shed only at first glance seems like a simple task. In fact, certain knowledge and skills are important here. To carry out any work with a garden shed, it is better to contact specialists in order to get the best and most durable result.

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