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Which shed to choose: types of structures, dimensions of the building

Any shed for a cottage is a prefabricated structure, which is almost always done without heating. It is used to store inventory, various things or used as a workshop. In most cases, it is a small building with only one room. Often it is such an outbuilding that is the first to be erected in the yard. Various materials can be used to build a shed, but those who do not have time for construction can use the services of professionals such as Rhino Sheds.

Place for construction

Having decided where to buy the shed, you need to choose a good place for the shed in the yard. The location for the construction of the shed should be determined at the planning stage of the entire site, with the designation of other buildings. It will help to choose the most optimal place so that the yard remains free and it is comfortable to move around it.

There are no specific rules regarding the location of the shed, except for the distance from the fence of the site.

Dimensions of the shed

Before ordering a shed for the garden, it is necessary to determine the future purpose, which may affect its parameters. Companies like Rhino Sheds offer a wide range of sizes for both sheds and bike sheds.

Shelves and hooks are hung on the walls to store inventory and various materials.

Materials and constructions

As for the materials, the aesthetic and durable material is considered to be fully pressure-treated wood. The advantages of having the shed completely pressure treated mean that it is protected from rotting and pest damage for many years.

The construction of the shed includes the creation of a waterproof couple or mono pitch roof.

The most profitable and common option is mono pitch, good natural ventilation is provided, no additional investments are required, saving materials. The slope should not be towards the door. Couple roof is better only externally, ventilation is worse, but under the roof you can arrange a place for storing inventory or a hayloft, a slope of at least 20 degrees.

Building a shed only at first glance seems like a simple task. In fact, certain knowledge and skills are important here. To carry out any work with a household unit, it is better to contact specialists in order to get the best and most durable result.

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